Documents not available until after the plan is approved

Concern was raised that some 52 documents influencing the plan were not to be made available until after the draft plan was approved.


Councillors Roger Price (left) & Shaun Cunningham (Right). Show the sites considered for the local plan on the left (purple) and then the actual chosen sites on the right (orange).

Arguments were also made concerning the wording of the document and the adoption of the word ‘will’ in context of the plan. ‘will be granted…’

Strong depositions offered

Depositions concerned with conservation & infrastructure were put forward The plan being labelled ‘ecological vandalism’. Portchester schools already having a 12% overload. Concerns were also raised about the road links which are already jammed at peak times. ‘Developers suggesting that re timing the traffic lights on the A27 will be sufficient is deeply flawed’

Councillors Katrina Trott Roger Price spoke against the adoption of the draft local plan. Councillor Trott reminding the board of the councils own promise to ensure the residents quality of life.

Councillor Cunningham spoke against the plan arguing that there was a lack of balance and that there were no options on the table. He also repeatedly questioned the fact that full documentation was not to be made until after the draft plan had been accepted.

Councillor Keith Evans defending the plan said that if you drew a line in the middle of the plan it was a balanced allocation. He then produced a rough plan that he had used when choosing the sites. (not available prior to this meeting). This was accepted and welcomed by the board members.

The vote was put forward with only Cllr Cunningham voting against the acceptance of the plan.

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