Campaigners against the building of new homes included in the Draft Local plan met to lay out plans to comment on and protest the building of houses.

The meeting was attended by nearly 60 people including councilors Shaun Cunningham, Roger Price, Susan Bell and Nick Walker.

Although the councilors were unable to make comments on the actual plan as they were members of the planning committee they were able to give advice on how to make comments count when contacting the council:

Do not use a petition as it only counts as one objection.

Make sure that objections and comments are as detailed as possible.

Write individual letters to the council to ensure they are counted.

More than one objection can be put in per household.

Concerns about traffic congestion on the A27 Portchester to Fareham Road were raised along with others including wildlife surveys which may not be accurate.

Some attending were concerned that the group was not including other areas of Portchester included in the plan. It was explained that the focus of this group was for the Romsey avenue proposed development only.

There are 17k residents in Portchester with over 6000 members of the facebook group Voice 4 Portchester alone. A concerted effort could see positive results.