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Third break in this year

The Art House Cafe and performance venue in central Southampton has suffered its third criminal attack this year.

On Wednesday evening one of the main shop windows was deliberately broken, in what is believed to be a burglary attempt. Devin Valentine said ‘I was in the building and heard a very loud bang. I had a quick look around and saw the window had been smashed.’

‘We are already struggling to recover from the previous break ins which have cost us £10,000. After the previous burglaries the insurance company may be reluctant to pay out. It is very hard to keep motivated when this sort of thing keeps happening. We provide a great community service for Southampton and this is heartbreaking’.

CCTV footage shows two men kick the shop front.

If you have any information please contact Hampshire constabulary on 101 or email

art house interior

From the Arthouse website:

The Art House is a for-purpose, not-for-profit social enterprise which aims:

* To provide a place where people can gather to make art and create
positive change.
* To use art, food, collective activity & learning to address our
social & ecological challenges.
* To remind people that they are conscious, powerful creators of their
lives & communities.
* To be run and financed independently of large scale funders,
corporate sponsors or government.
* To generate a thriving income without externalising our costs to the
detriment of people, animals and planet.

We do this by:

* Running a physical, publicly accessible community meeting space
* Serving food and gathering people together in formal and informal ways to learn and share ideas – often over cake!
* Living by example by standing by our aims and principles, even when it’s hard or costs us extra money, time and energy to do so.
* Actively engaging with our community in person and on social media, partnering with similar organisations and supporting campaigns which resonate with our purpose.

* Being funded by the people who use our space, whilst doing all we can to remain affordable to those on a lower income.
* Considering all of our suppliers and services, buying ethical, organic, local and recycled/upcycled wherever this is available.


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