Fly from Southampton to Sydney under an hour

Elon Musk: SpaceX will deliver passengers anywhere on the globe in minutes.


People will soon be able to fly city to city within minutes, Tesla and SpaceX Ceo says.

Mr Musk made the promise during a talk at the International Astronautical Congress (IAC) in Adelaide, Australia.

The London-New York journey would take 29 minutes.

Mr Musk told the audience he aimed to start sending people to Mars in 2024. His SpaceX company would begin building the necessary ships to support the mission next year.

He says he is refocusing SpaceX to work on just one type of vehicle – known as the BFR – which could do all of the firm’s current work and interplanetary travel.

Mr Musk first laid out his ambitious plans at last year’s IAC conference. He returned this year with more details. His BFR will stand at 106m in height and 9m in width. There’s also a major difference in costs, the entrepreneur said.

“I think we’ve figured out how to pay for it. This is very important.”

The journey to affordability, he explained, was in focusing all of the company’s efforts into the one rocket system – and then using that to meet all its customers’ needs. This effectively mothballs the Falcon 9 rocket. SpaceX would offer commercial travel to anywhere on Earth in under an hour.

The BFR would launch satellites and service the space station, but also take people to the Moon and Mars, what is referred to as “point to point” travel on Earth.


Originally posted 2017-09-29 16:49:47.