Job losses at Newport wind turbine factory

The Newport factory produces composite materials used in wind turbines, boats and cars


Up to 70 job losses have been announced at a factory that makes materials used in wind turbine blades.

Gurit manufactures so-called “prepreg” composites, a combination of resin and fibre, in Newport, Isle of Weight.

The Swiss firm blamed the job losses on its customers in the wind energy industry switching to a different manufacturing process.

The firm said it would continue to invest in other parts of the Newport site, which employs over 300 members of staff.

In a statement, Gurit said the manufacture of pre-impregnated fibres (prepregs) would transfer to Spain by summer 2018.

The business said the wind energy sector had gradually migrated to newer “infusion technology” to manufacture blades.

It said: “In this context, the prepreg plants in China and Canada were closed in earlier years.”

Gurit said it would continue other manufacturing in Newport and would invest in the site’s automotive technology centre.

Originally posted 2017-10-03 16:13:11.