Fans of Lego flocked to the Genesis Centre in Locks Heath last weekend for a fantastic yet simple display of models and scenes.

Fantastic, because it was great to see so much Lego in one place and being used so well, but simple due to the organisers belief in making scenes that anyone could recreate at home using sets you can buy off-the-shelf in any toy shop.

The driving force behind these exhibitions is Tyronne Love (below right) of Allegorize who for this event teamed up with Mark Wilkins from Legoagogo and their combined sets and extra hands helped bring 100s of people to Locks Heath.

“I used to collect Lego and I had so much someone said “you should show it off” so I’ve been doing a show a year for the past four years,” said Tyrone.

“We stick to the classics like Star Wars, Super Heroes, and City but every display we do comes from a set that you can buy in the shops. Every display is showing kids what you can do with your mind,” explained Tyrone.

“We can build the massive displays and people go “Wow” but children can’t do that at home.”

Their attitude is in distinct contrast to the general trend of making giant yet awe-inspiring displays that could be seen in the TV show Lego Masters.

However, they do stretch themselves as was explained by Mark: “The Disney scene (below) was slightly out of the comfort zone. There are no pre-bought sets other than the Disney castle which inspired everything else to go with it.”

For Mark, the overall trend is very positive with people of all ages having pure fun with plastic bricks.

“It is more in the mainstream,” said Mark, “it is not a hidden hobby, it has exploded with all of the different franchises, films, TV show on Channel 4. If you are an adult who says they are still into Lego you are not scrutinised strangely.”

“The appeal of Lego,” Mark continued, “is that not only is it a nice set but you can make it what you want it to be. Your imagination is the key, as Lego says: “Play Well””

You can find out more information by visiting

The Genesis Centre is at: Centre Way, Park Gate, Southampton SO31 6DX
Phone: 01489 808040

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Originally posted 2017-10-02 16:13:11.