International craze comes to Portchester.

Popular in America & around the UK.

Laura McInnes tells Solent Times what inspired her to set up a group in Portchester.

‘It all started in August, I went with 2 Friends to visit another  Friend in Hythe, on our way back to the Car a Friend spotted a decorated Stone by a Tree, on the back it said Hythe Rocks on Facebook, post a Pic and re hide.
When home I messaged the Lady that was Admin for the Group, asked whether she would mind if I started a Group where I live in Portchester, she said ‘go for it, the more the merrier’
So the next day I created a Portchester Rocks Group on Facebook. I decorated several Stones/Rocks and hid  them around Portchester.
The amount of Members of the group has been growing daily, and I am overwhelmed that we now have 1,028 to date!
It is a Group just purely for Fun.
painted rocks
How to make a Rock that Rocks.
The idea is to collect some stones/rocks, decorate them with a lovely Picture with Colour Sharpie Permanent Markers or Acrylic Paints, or write a nice saying like ‘Be nice’ or ‘have a lovely day’. You then write: Join Portchester Rocks on Facebook, post a Pic & re hide, for fun (on the back).
Spray with Varnish to protect then hide. Hopefully it brings a smile to people’s faces, to really brighten their day.
Heartwarming & fun.
Laura continues: ‘What I love, is seeing all the Pics that people post on the Group Page, especially the Children’s Faces, great big beaming smiles it really warms the Heart.
Lots of Adults have said how much they are enjoying it, almost as much as the children, if not more. Some say ‘can’t wait for the kiddies to go to bed so that I can get Rock Painting’.
It’s so exciting when you are just walking along the pavement and you suddenly spot a beautiful decorated Stone!
I took my 2 granddaughters to Portchester Castle today, they found so many hidden Rocks, they were screaming and so excited! We also saw lots of others out Rockhunting too!
It really is a fabulous way of bringing the community together, it’s getting people out and about, all over Portchester, not just The Castle, but the swingparks, the community centre Park, all along the shore, The Wicor Copse, Wicor Rec, and generally walking around Portchester. Adults & Children of all ages, even the Dogs have been Rock hunting and posting their pics on the page.
And of course it’s Free!
If you want to join in the Fun in Portchester:

Solent Times Comment: Why not set up a group in your community.


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