Portchester residents disappointment after March on Fareham Borough Council

More than 100 residents march on Fareham Borough Council


Portchester residents were left frustrated last night as Fareham Borough Council’s Executive voted through their draft local plan for Fareham.

Plans for 350 houses at Downend Road East, 225 at Romsey Avenue, 120 at Cranleigh Road and 49 at Moraunt Drive. A total of 744 new homes.

The number of homes on the Romsey avenue site was questioned as rumours suggested up to 400 homes on the site. The Executive confirmed that the site would only have 225 homes.

More than 100 residents marched from Portchester to Fareham to make their voices heard at last nights meeting.

Jo Peace, a Portchester resident put forward a detailed deposition against the proposed inclusion of the Romsey Avenue and Cranleigh Road sites. This held little sway with the executive who congratulated her on her ‘well-prepared’ speech. Cllr Nick Walker saying “I think I can see the influence of a planning consultant woven in there”. (Paraphrased.This comment was erroneously attributed to Cllr Woodward in an earlier report).

This brought forth cries of derision from the packed public area.

Councillor Shaun Cunningham was prominent in his speech against the development of the Portchester sites. This included infrastructure and also the probable cost of these homes when more affordable housing is needed. At the end of his speech, the public was shocked by the reply from Cllr K. Evans thanking him for his ‘Thesis’.

On more than one occasion during the lengthy meeting which ran from 6pm to 10pm the Executive leader Sean Woodward thumped the gavel and threatened to clear the room if the public did not keep quiet during proceedings.

The Downend and Romsey proposals were both voted through with one against.

The Cranleigh Road and Maurant Drive proposals were voted through unanimously.

The Local plan now goes to a 6 week consultation period.There will be a number of (CAT) Community action team meetings where the public is welcome to drop in or attend.

The timeline for adoption is:

Autumn 2017 Consultation on the Draft Local Plan

Summer 2018 Consultation on the publication of the Local Plan

Autumn 2018 Submission of the local plan to the Secretary of state.

Winter 2018 to early 2019 independent examination

Summer 2019 Adoption

Solent Times will be publishing an additional report on the whole of the Fareham Local Plan. 





Originally posted 2017-10-10 13:50:11.