We’ve seen it in the street, in the grass but hopefully not on the bottom of our shoes. Dog poo and poo bags is one of the most discussed topics on bulletin boards and social media. Here is a guest blog from one reader who offers up a simple solution to the problem. Some dog owners won’t be happy.

It’s in the Bag!

Dog owners know poo, they might not like having to do it but they know how to pick it up. Some are diligent, some not. There are some explanations below as to why there are rogue poos left lying around but first a controversial suggestion.

There are some dog owners that leave poo bags lying around. The one pictured was seen on an industrial estate near Fareham. Should other dog owners pick these up and put them in the nearest bin?

There can be no objections because the mess is already in a bag, you didn’t have to scoop it up, you are used to handling poo situations so it isn’t a problem, plus picking it up gives people one less reason to be annoyed about dogs and their owners and you know where the bins are!

To most people it is strange how some dog owners do leave poo bags lying around, or hanging in bushes, but dog owners have a responsibility in general to keep communal areas tidy and this could be the best way forward.

Can You Take it One Step Further?

No one likes stepping in poo and many parents worry that their children will pick up some nasty bug should they fall in it. On top of that, a pile of poo on the pavement is unsightly, smelly and at night almost invisible. To clean if off a carpet or car floor is a horrible, horrible task.

Dog owners have a responsibility to keep the mess off the road and away from areas of play and recreation.

So if dog owners see a pile of poo that didn’t come from their dog, what is stopping them scooping it up and putting it in the bin?

There are four good reasons why they should: You know how to do it, you are used to doing it, you have the bags on you, and one less poo on the pavement is good for the planet.

Why Do They Leave It?

As someone who walks two dogs it is sometimes easy, sometimes difficult. Worse case scenario is night time and the poo is runny. Usually the dogs do it on the grass and you can pick up poo and vegetation together, ensuring a clean patch is left.

It isn’t a great job but there is a feeling of responsibility. But you’ll never totally enjoy it. However it does make you wonder why is poo and poo in bags general left behind? During my dog walks I have come to some conclusions why this happens:

The owner has a bad back, or is elderly, so it is hard to bend down. It is night time and they have no torch. Or it is night time, dog is off the lead and they didn’t notice. They have no bag and will do it later. Maybe they dropped the full bag and didn’t notice. Finally, some people don’t like walking around with bags and will pick it up later.

The less generous reasons are obvious and I’m sure you have them in your head. But dog owners need to step up to the plate, get their act together and if some owners are slacking, it is up to other dog owners to do their poop-scooping for them.

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Originally posted 2017-10-06 14:06:25.