wildwood whiteley


The Foodster had a quick visit to Wildwood Whiteley before a cinema visit.


So a quick bite to eat before a film seems in order. Myself and Mrs Foodster called in around 7pm on Saturday evening.

We were greeted promptly and when asked what the waiting time was as we had cinema tickets was informed pleasantly. ‘Not long’.

An order for Baked Brie and Meat balls starter with Chicken Burger & Wild Boar Burger for mains was taken, again bearing in mind we had one eye on the clock, was taken swiftly.

While we waited Mrs Foodster had a Pinot Grigiot and Foodster had a Wyldwood organic cider. When asked how the wine was the reply from Mrs Foodster was ‘Is there time for another’ so all good there then.

The only criticism of the cider was that it was served with ice and as it was well chilled in any case, a bit superfluous.

The starters were very tasty – Foodster could have done with a couple more meat balls, but hey he is a gastro.

The Brie was fine as were both of the main meals.

Service in this restaurant was excellent. The staff seemed genuinely bothered if we had a good meal.

The duration of the meal was 45 minutes. If we had not had the cinema tickets we would have stayed longer.

Foodster rated it 4 out of 5 stars.



Originally posted 2017-09-13 18:05:10.