Lib Dem Councillors have called for the Draft Local Housing Plan to be put before the Fareham borough Council Scrutiny board.

Council leader Sean Woodward has been reported as saying  The Lib Dems have gagged the local residents from having a their say.

The Scrutiny board will meet to examine the Draft local plan on 23rd October at 2.30pm.

This meeting is open to the public and depositions will be taken. The board will vote at the end of the meeting.

Solent Times have spoken to Cllr Shaun Cunningham of the Lib Dems and Cllr Keith Evans of the Conservatives:

‘Outrageous accusations.’

Among accusations that the Liberal democrat Councillors are stopping the public from having their say Cllr Sean Cunningham said ‘ It is outrageous to accuse us of stopping public comment when we have genuine concerns and are following the councils established democratic process.’

‘The plan is unbalanced and deserves further scrutiny. Other local councils plans have contained options at the draft stage. The Fareham plan has none.’

‘Good factual information.’

Councillor Evans Quoted that ‘I welcome the scrutiny’

‘ Concerns and questions are fine but some may be just wanting to make a point.’

‘If good factual information is uncovered during the consultation process the plan would be modified.We must get this right as the document must be put to the Government inspectors who will throw it back to us if it is found to be unsustainable.’

The vital strategy document that will outline the rationale behind the site choices will not be made available until the day after the scrutiny board meeting.



Originally posted 2017-10-13 13:19:48.